Audit to Rank on the Map Pack!

120+GMB, Site & Brand Factors!

We challenge you to find a more comprehensive & free local SEO audit to improve your rankings!

What Sets Our Local SEO Audit Apart?

  • Google Algo Correlation

    Our audit mirrors Google’s Organic and Map Ranking Algorithm with our own unique and specially developed DigitalBull GO Parent and Child Algo for all the factors affecting the map rankings.

  • Audit Score

    You receive a GMB Audit Score, Website Audit Score, Off-Page Audit Score, and overall Local SEO Audit Score as a percentage that will reveal your current optimization progress and performance so you know where to focus on to improve your rankings.

  • 24 Factors & 125+ Subfactors

    This is a thoroughly comprehensive audit of 24 factors and over 125 ranking subfactors covering your GMB, Website, and Off-Page, all of which impact where you rank on the map and local search results!

  • Fast Audit. Faster Results.

    It takes fewer than 30 minutes to finish the audit and find out specifically what areas you’re lagging behind in.

  • Completely DIY

    You asked for it, you got it. This is a 100% do it yourself local SEO audit that is customized for your/your client’s business. Just log in and learn how to improve your rankings for free! No payment or credit card details required!

Find Gaps in Your GMB, Website, & Off-Page performance and to improve your Map Pack rankings for free with DigitalBull GO!

DigitalBull GO: Analyze. Optimize. Rank.



View in-depth data of your local SEO performance, correlating with Google’s Map Ranking Algorithm! Check Audit Scores for your Local SEO, GMB, Website, and Off-Page!


GMB Audit

Identify where your GMB is falling short, whether it’s posts, reviews, Q&A, Business.Site, or something else.


Website Audit

Pinpoint weak areas in your site’s technical structure, on-page, and content.


Off-Page Audit

Judge your off-page presence and unearth issues to be fixed in citations and backlinks.



Get tips for improving your GMB, website, and off-page performance.


Ranking Factors

Explore all 24 local SEO ranking factors, ordered based on importance.

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